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What children don't know... hurts

Children are always involved in what is going on around them. That includes what is not being talked about. This book is for those who are seeking a practical, inspiring approach to talking with children and families about difcult subjects, such as when parents sufer from mental illness. Avoiding a topic is not good for children, who are trying to understand themselves and make sense of their world. Common justifcations given for remaining silent are: “We want to protect our children,” followed by: “They’re too young to understand.”


Developmental psychology, neuropsychology, children themselves, and plain common sense have taught us that children have need of clear, empathetic communication about what is going on in their lives. This is especially true when it involves their families.


This book guides and inspires professionals and parents alike to enter conversations that create a new relationship between children and parents, characterized by trust. The book is full of examples from the author’s countless family discussions with mentally ill parents and their children.


Here is what others think of the book:


Praise for What Children Don't Know...  by Dr. Elspeth McAdam, Benedicte Schilling & Simon Burton

Praise for What Children Don't Know...  by Jessica Joelle Alexander

Praise for What Children Don't Know...  by Jesper Juul, Danish family therapist, Author & Ashoka Fellow

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