Talk about it... with every child

The book can be read by everyone - adults as well as children:  

- Children between two and six years old.
- Older school aged children.
- Adults - parents, teachers and professionals. 

Children can easily read the book on their own. Adults can also use it as a guide for talking with children. The information for children will give adults an insight into their thoughts and feelings. Likewise, the information for adults can be useful for children who would like a deeper understanding about the issues.


The book has three parts:

- One part is about the mind and psyche, different feelings and anxiety, depression, stress, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder.
- Another part is about children who know someone with mental illness.
- The last part is full of ideas to how we can talk with children about these issues. 

It is never the children’s fault! 

The main purpose of this book is to start a conversation between adults and children. The book is full of important information that makes it easier for children to understand what is happening around them. Most importantly, they will learn that it is not their fault when their parents suffer from mental illness. 

The book is only small - yet, it deals with some big issues. The text is clear and loving so children and adults are able to talk about these issues together. Talk about the pictures, be open, share your own thoughts and pay attention to what grabs the children’s attention. Listen - and continue the conversation. 

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"This book ‘Talk about it ...’ is informative and very helpful.

The illustrations and text discuss issues that might seem difficult to share with children.

The book is also a tool that makes it easier for us to talk about our thoughts and feelings – and this, is so important for both children and adults."

Extract from foreword by

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Danmark

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Articles and evaluations:

"Talk with children about difficult matters" - By the late world renowned writer and therapist, Jesper Juul.


Evaluation of the book  - By the Danish "Trygfonden"


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