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What children don't know ... hurts

According to the WHO, about 400 million people are suffering from mental health issues, worldwide. It therefore goes without saying, that there is a huge number of children and young people, all over the world, who grow up in families where parents are affected. One of the biggest challenges is, that it is still very rooted in society, that we tell ourselves: “it’s best that the children don’t know”, "they are too young".


The truth is that children sense everything, and at a very early age. Being silence about the reality they live in, makes them create their own. A reality that is often filled with uncertainty, discomfort, loneliness, shame and a feeling of being wrong.


Our purpose is to inspire both parents and professionals, to talk to kids about the reality they are a part of. This is so we can strengthen the connection and the relationship between parents and child. When we do that, we give the children the best conditions for a healthy and loving upbringing, despite the difficult circumstances they are in.


Through the books written by Karen Glistrup, founder of TALK ABOUT IT, and through lectures, talks and sociale media, we want to inspire to conversations full of honesty, courage, empathy and understandig and offer a laungage and a simple way of talking to children.

Karen Glistrup

About Karen Glistrup, the author and founder of TALK ABOUT IT 

Karen Glistrup is a social worker and a psychotherapist who has specialized in family and couples-counseling for over three decades. Glistrup’s work continues along the path forged by renowned family therapist Jesper Juul, and, from this tradition, she has carved out entirely new approaches to topics such as children’s mental health and family life.
Today, Glistrup runs a clinic in Denmark where she counsels families and children as well as supervises and teaches professional psychotherapists.
Glistrup is active in the international professional community and is a much sought after speaker at conferences around the world concerning child-care and family counseling

Or read her article "The Power of Love in the Family" - by Karen Glistrup

The books

"What children don't know... hurts"

This book guides and inspires professionals and parents alike to enter conversations that create a new relationship between children and parents, characterized by trust. The book is full of examples from the author’s countless family discussions with mentally ill parents and their children.

"Talk about it... with every child"

This book will help adults and children talk about mental health. It will also help you talk about thoughts and feelings, about happiness and suffering - and about good relationships between people.


Mental illnesses are often kept hidden from children to protect them. Talk About It... however, argues that shielding children from the reality of mental illness does more harm than good. Children are quite capable of understanding the emotional realities of adults but are often not able to comprehend exactly what is going on. 

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Read the Foreword by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. 

Watch the tv-interview with Karen Glistrup

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