Said about the book "Talk about it... with every child - a book about anxiety, depression, stress and trauma":




”I strongly agree with the way in which this book approaching both the children and their parents. It can be helpful in our practice and it can help parents as well as mental health workers to talk to children. I am pleased to recommend the book to my networks here in Europe as well as worldwide.

Karin van Doesum, Phd. Psychologist/Researcher, Radboud Uneversity NijmegenMindfit


“Where Karen Glistrup’s work shows its strength, is its ability to open up for the dialogue between the adult and the child about feelings. I will strongly recommend this book to everyone, no matter how affected you are of mental disorders in the family.”

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen,Prime Minister in Denmark 1993-2001

”It requires adults to talk to if you need to understand life and elusive, tabooed issues such as mental disease. Therefore, Karen’s book is an important tool towards greater understanding - for adults as well as for children.”

Lisbeth Zornig Andersen,Chairman of The Danish National Council for Children, 2009-12

”This book creates a foundation of a new tradition which many of us have never known within the families who raised us. A tradition of increasingly stronger fellowship of children and their adults in opposite to pain, secrets and worries draining everyone of energy and vitality.“

Jesper Juul,, well-known author of the book: ’Your Competent Child’


“When you fight depression, treatment is not enough. Information is also vital. Hence, books which demystify are needed. Therefore, this book meets a very large and important need.”

Poul Videbech, Professor, Dr.Med.Sc, Consultant


“Karen Glistrup’s book is a long overdue tool to breaking the silence about feelings in the interaction between children and adults. It is in childhood that the emotional fear of contact is founded.
‘Talk about it ...’ is the way forward towards more openness and emotional health.”

Jes Gerlach, Chief physician, Founder of The Danish Mental Health Fund


”Thank you very much for writing the book ’talk about it...with every child.’ I am an adult with mental illness but when I read the book I felt the child in me who grew up with parents who had untreated mental health challenges was being acknowledged by someone. Now I am a parent who is trying my best to be a good parent and manage my own mental illness. I appreciated how you approached this challenging but important topic.”

Elizabeth Nestlerode, Portland, Oregon