Karen Glistrup
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    Every child will meet an adult who has a mental illness - either in their own family or in their friends' families



What children don't know
... will hurt them

More and more people suffer from mental illness, and illnesses like depression and anxiety are today so common that you may call them widespread diseases.

More and more children are affected because the grown ups close to them, suffer. It is a tough matter to talk about because mental illnesses have at all times been a taboo subject and the language about it equally poor.

Talk about it...
•    is for both parents and children in families where you face mental illnesses on daily basis
•    is for teachers, nursery school staff, health workers, psychologists, etc.
•    is for children and young people in need of transparency
•    is for grown ups who want to contribute to transparency


Karen Glistrup has a long established experience creating openness between parents and children in families, living a daily life with mental illnesses. For that purpose she has written two books: 

”What children dont know... will hurt them”, third edition is published in 2014 by Hans Reitzel.

 We look forward to present an english version of the book.

”Talk about it...with every child - a book about anxiety, depression, stress and traumas is created in close cooperation with the illustrator Pia Olsen.

This book is made for both small children, larger children, young people and adults.

On this site you can read more about the book, which is published in cooperation with PsykInfo MIDT and sponsored by The Ministry of Health and Prophylaxis. 

Read the evaluation of the book made by The danish foundation Trygfonden.


princesse.pngForeword by Her Royal Highness Crown Prinsess Mary of Denmark.


Buy the book that helps you to talk with children about anxiety, depression, stress and trauma

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eBook for Kindle available at Amazon

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